We are the shop specialized for people who engaged in construction work.

From head to toe, we, as "Cheering squad for workers", can offer variety of items like helmets, protective shoes, various kinds of tools, etc.

Our original TOBI workwears are made with the best functionality and rationality. They are Japanese original style.

The workwears are well designed to work in a tough condition at high places.
Besides, it's cool and stylish!!!

The form like balloon is not only for fashion.

Motion range...You can easily move like Spiderman!

Functionality...The wear can help you to feel strong wind in a moment, and you can keep balance.

Safety...Even if the wear catches fire, the balloon-like wear slows the fire and you can escape from burn injury.

Rationality...Well-fitted hem prevents people who handle a lot of tools in a tiny space from stumbling.

The moment you put on TOBI, it will switch on your work mode, and you are unified with TOBI.

Men’s dandyism...it's TOBI.